AirPods Pro service program just got an unexpected upgrade

Almost exactly two years ago, Apple released the AirPods Pro. They had a more compact design than the standard AirPods, as well as active noise cancellation, water resistance, and replaceable ear tips. A year later, Apple launched a service program for the AirPods Pro. Ever since the $249 earbuds went on sale, some owners had been complaining about frustrating hardware issues. The service program was available for up to two years after the sale. But now Apple is extending the program.

Apple extends AirPods Pro service program

reports that users on the AirPods subreddit found an interesting change on the support page for Apple’s AirPods Pro service program this week. Under “Additional Information,” Apple now says that the program covers affected AirPods Pro for three years after the first retail sale of the unit. That’s an additional year for customers with busted AirPods Pro to get them fixed.

Apple explains a small percentage of AirPods Pro manufactured before October 2020 may experience sound issues. These are the issues that will make your AirPods Pro eligible for repair:

Early adopters now have an entire extra year to get their AirPods Pro repaired free of charge. Prior to this extension, the service program would have expired for those customers this month. This change is a tacit acknowledgment that the problem is more widespread than initially thought.

How to get your earbuds repaired

If you want to get your AirPods Pro repaired, you can either head to a store or contact Apple Support. One Redditor claiming to work for an Apple Authorized Service Provider explained how the test works when someone comes in with AirPods Pro requesting a repair:

There are two quick caveats that we should make you aware of before wrapping this up. First, this program doesn’t extend the standard warranty of your AirPods Pro. Second, this program doesn’t apply to any other AirPods models. You can’t bring your AirPods or AirPods Max instead.