Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scenes just leaked

premieres in less than two weeks, on July 8th. That means the red carpet premiere has already happened, and we have the first genuine leaks as a result. The full plot has leaked on social media following Marvel’s big event last week, including the post-credits scenes that so many MCU fans love.

leaks that preceded the red carpet premiere said the film would have two post-credits scenes. It also teased what happens in one of them. We can tell you the previous leaks were probably wrong now that actual details from the post-credits scenes have leaked.

But before discussing the post-credits scenes and why they’re exciting, you should know that will follow below.

One of the great things about is that the plot did not leak before the movie’s release. As much as some MCU fans might love spoilers, it’s still annoying to see entire plots get leaked several months in advance. It happened with , , and .

But the last two stand out more than considering the fan interest surrounding them and the number of leaks.

With that in mind, the plot and post-credits did not leak before the red carpet premiere, which is remarkable. There was one report that said the film would have two post-credits scenes. And a claim that one of them will be about the Guardians.

We now know that won’t be the case at all.

Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scenes just leaked
King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) in Love and Thunder promo image. Image source: Marvel via Murphy’s Multiverse

The Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits leaks

The plot leak from the other day is accurate. So say the mods of a popular MCU spoilers subreddit.

The plot leak is brief but gives you everything you need to know about the movie. It also tackles the post-credits scenes, revealing that has two of them.

In one, we have Zeus (Russell Crowe) annoyed with Thor (Chris Hemsworth), sending Hercules to kill the God of Thunder. That’s an exciting teaser indicating that could be in the cards.

The second post-credits scene shows Heimdall (Idris Elba) welcoming Jane (Natalie Portman) to Valhalla. As you might remember, Heimdall dies heroically in . As for Jane, she will perish in , according to the same plot leak.

It turns out there’s a second plot leak on Reddit that’s a bit more detailed. It provides more information about the plot and the post-credits scenes:

Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scenes just leaked
Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) closeup. Image source: Marvel Studios

What it all means

Rumors say that Goldstein, known for his amazing Roy Kent role in , will play Hercules in . The post-credits leaks above do not confirm that. But both indicate that we’ll see Hercules in them. And we’ll get the promise of a Thor 5 film, unless Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 tackles Hercules in some way.

More interesting is the Valhalla detail. It offers Marvel yet another way to bring back dead characters like Heimdall and Jane in future movies. And Valhalla would be just another after-life interpretation for the MCU, following what we saw in (Ancestral Plane) and (Aaru, The Field of Reeds).