Our first look at Iron Man’s replacement leaked: This is Ironheart

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) is now dead in the main MCU timeline after sacrificing his life to save everyone else in . We might still see RDJ again in Marvel movies. But until that happens, we’ll get Iron Man’s first replacement in the form of Ironheart (Dominique Thorne). That’s the superhero name that Riri Williams will adopt when she dons the Ironheart suit. She is a character who Marvel will introduce in .

Moreover, Thorne will star in her own Disney Plus show, which premieres in fall 2023. But we don’t have to wait that long to see the MCU’s next Iron Man. The Ironheart armor just leaked, and it’s quite impressive. We’ll warn you that .

We’ve already seen Riri Williams in the emotional trailer that Marvel released at Comic-Con. We know she’s a gifted MIT student and she’s good friends with Shuri (Letitia Wright).

Moreover, the trailer teases an -like scene where we see Riri starting work on what will probably be her first Ironheart suit. The scene is reminiscent of Tony Stark building the first Iron Man suit.

Our first look at Iron Man’s replacement leaked: This is Ironheart
Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne) making her Ironheart armor suit. Image source: Marvel Studios

That’s not surprising, considering that Ironheart is the Young Avenger equivalent of Iron Man. Marvel’s Phase 4 started delivering replacements for all the Avengers, including young superheroes who might team up in a future Young Avengers crossover. Or who might join the ranks of the main Avengers team. Ironheart is one of them.

Moreover, if the plot leaks are accurate, Riri Williams will play a significant role in the sequel. We won’t have to wait until release to really meet her. And she’ll be very important to the action.

The Ironheart suit leak

That said, the trailer did not show her full suit, a reveal that Marvel will save for the movie or the TV show. But we already have some leaked set photos from what appears to be the set that gives us a great look at the suit in action.

As you can see, the suit gives off War Machine vibes rather than looking like recent Iron Man armor.

But it’s also an early version built by a child prodigy who will undoubtedly advance her tech to match Stark’s sophistication in the future.

The bulky nature of the armor also suggests this might be close to the Ironheart suit we’ll see in . That’s assuming Riri Williams completes her first armor in the movie.

The images above likely come from the set of , as Thorne is currently filming the series. And the Disney Plus show should be the origin story for this Iron Man replacement.

Therefore, it’ll be interesting to see the timeline for and . Riri should develop the suit in her origin story rather than in a different movie. But the certainly gives the character more exposure.

The plot hasn’t leaked, but we do have a few reports about the TV series. They claim that some of the action might happen before via flashbacks. But the main story happens after .