Kevin Feige just hinted at a major Marvel series reboot we’re dying to see

Marvel rebooting is the kind of MCU rumor that kept coming back this year thanks to two Phase 4 projects set for a 2021 premiere. One of them is the highly-anticipated  and the other is , which is already streaming on Disney Plus. Both of them will reportedly feature key cameos from , with the Netflix actors returning to the Marvel roles they excelled in.

Charlie Cox will play Matt Murdock in , and Vincent D’Onofrio will return as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin. That’s what all rumors say. This year, we saw the stars dance around the subject, especially Cox, who fielded cameo rumors in different interviews. But Marvel has just confirmed the Cox aspect of the Daredevil puzzle, and it happened just in time for the rumored premiere.


The No Way Home and Hawkeye rumors

The Daredevil cameo in leaked so many times that’s not even a spoiler. Charlie Cox tried to deny his involvement a few times, but it didn’t work. At this point, we think we know precisely how Murdock will appear in . That’s the real spoiler to avoid if you still want surprises. The gist is that Daredevil will not suit up in this Marvel movie.

Separately, episode 3 already teased Kingpin, and we probably saw D’Onofrio early in the episode. We expect the villain to cameo in the post-credits scene after episode 4, which streams this Wednesday.

But it’s important to note that the Daredevil and Kingpin characters we’ll see in the MCU aren’t the ones we loved in Netflix’s . That TV show ended after three seasons, and those events will not be canon for the MCU.

Rumors say that Marvel will do a soft reboot of the show, keeping the actors who played these characters in place. That’s why they’ll feel familiar to the audience. But they’ll just be variants of the characters we saw in on Netflix. It’s the multiverse that lets Marvel take this approach.

Kevin Feige just hinted at a major Marvel series reboot we’re dying to seeKevin Feige just hinted at a major Marvel series reboot we’re dying to see
Peter Parker, Ned, and MJ in Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer 2. Image source: Sony

Marvel confirms Charlie Cox is Daredevil in the MCU

Marvel has yet to reveal when the MCU’s will debut. However, Kevin Feige finally addressed the matter in an interview with . But he did it in a very cryptic way:

Feige did not acknowledge or cameo rumors. He said nothing of Kingpin, nor did he tease the reboot that fans have been waiting for, ever since Netflix had to cancel its run.

That’s in line with what’s expected from the brain behind the massive MCU success. Feige isn’t about to tell fans what they want to hear and spoil the upcoming surprises. That’s even though rumors already “ruined” some of them. But Feige dropped the big Charlie Cox confirmation right in time for the big Marvel reveals.

We’ll probably see Kingpin this week, and then the reviews will drop on December 13th, a few days ahead of the film’s theatrical premiere. Marvel’s Daredevil will surely be one of the main topics about the next big movie.