Christian Bale would play Batman again, but only under one condition

Marvel fans hardly need extra reasons to want to see as soon as it hits theaters. But if they did, having alumni Christian Bale play the film’s main villain is one excellent reason. It’s not that Bale played Batman before coming to the MCU that makes his Gorr the God Butcher so exciting. It’s the reason why Bale’s Batman was so exciting in the first place. And it all boils down to this:

But would the actor return to making movies after his iconic trilogy? Bale is open to a return, but he has a critical condition that’s probably very hard to meet.

Bale playing Gorr wouldn’t be the first time we see a former actor come to the MCU to portray a villain. Michael Keaton gave us Vulture in . And then we saw the character jump to the SSU for in one of the most puzzling post-credits scenes Sony could have ever come up with.

But if Christian Bale’s villain is as exciting as Taikia Waititi would have us think, then we’d rather see him continue in the MCU than return to the Caped Crusader.

Then again, should Bale get his Bruce Wayne costume on for the DC universe of stories, he wouldn’t be the first actor to return to after playing an MCU villain. You’ve guessed it, Michael Keaton will reprise his Batman role for Warner’s . That’s a multiverse movie that will feature several Batman variants. Or a perfect project for Warner to bring Bale back.

Christian Bale would play Batman again, but only under one condition
Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale), the Thor: Love and Thunder villain. Image source: Marvel Studios

The DCEU mess

The problem with Christian Bale’s return to Batman is that the DCEU is an incredible mess. There’s no clear, cohesive story. We have too many Batman and Joker variants. And it doesn’t look like the DCEU will match the MCU anytime soon.

The trilogy is still the most exciting story out there, and that’s even though not being part of something greater. Many fans would love Bale to reprise his Bruce Wayne/Batman role and make it work for a redesigned DCEU.

Ben Affleck’s Batman is hardly as exciting as Bale’s. And Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is just in the early innings. The first film was better than Affleck’s  stories, but we’re yet to see him match Bale.

Christian Bale would play Batman again, but only under one condition
Robert Pattinson’s The Batman hit theaters on March 4, 2022. Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Christian Bale’s condition to return to Batman

With all that in mind, Batman came up during Christian Bale’s press tour for . And it’s in this context that the actor explained under what condition he would be willing to return.

He told that nobody asked him to join as a Bruce Wayne variant. Bale went on to say that he would only return to the role if Christopher Nolan asked:

Will Warner ever consider trying to bring Nolan and Bale back to Batman? Considering what we saw so far in the DCEU, anything is possible. But don’t get your hopes up just yet.